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Market Research Outsourcing

Questionnaire Design

We have a team of dedicated experts who work on designing questionnaires using confirm IT/MR interview/Dimensions, utilizing their rich experience of having worked on diverse studies. A close eye is kept on details like phrasing of questions, flow/sequence, and overall linkage with critical decision issues.

Online Survey Programming - CAWI and CATI
  • Scripting & Debugging of CAWI and CATI projects.
  • Multi-lingual and Multi-country surveys including complex reporting.
  • Script surveys incorporating research methodologies.
  • One stop shop for multiple survey platforms.
  • Technologies we use: Sawtooth, Survey Monkey.
  • Quality driven metrics to maintain delivery and change control.
  • Support with development & integration of JavaScript, Flash tools within surveys.
  • Transition of surveys from one platform to the other.
  • Support clients with sample, quota management, emailing & distributing incentives.
  • GDS team scripts all low level to complex level surveys every year. Our expertise in Survey Programming & in-depth knowledge of survey platforms will help you see things differently.
Mobile Survey

Global Data Solution Inc., has acquired expertise in conducting mobile survey by reaching to a larger respondent base.

Data Management

Write edit scripts to check data inconsistencies, missing data, outliers and logic of the questionnaire. Create Macros for tracking studies to cut time for data cleaning activities.

Edits are written using various tools like SPSS, Quantum, SAS and QPS.

Data cleaning report published and sent to client before proceeding with tabulation.

The data is edited as per the clients study objectives and corrected as per the client's feedback.

We provide quality work in the fastest possible turnaround time.

GDS will ensure that your data is cleaned and does not contain any unwanted codes, errors, inconsistencies and is ready to be analyzed for your business decisions.

Data Collection Services

Global Data Solutions Inc. supports data collection for CAWI, CAPI, CATI and Mobile surveys. The scripting for these methodologies are handled via various survey platforms. The data quality is of utmost importance for the success of a project and the continuation of the research. We achieve timely and quality data collection by supporting clients with programming and sample or both.

Global Data Solutions Inc. has an outstanding survey programming team to aid programming different projects on various platforms.

Global Data Solutions Inc. is establishing own panel for B2B, B2C and healthcare industries. Also GDS is partnered with a network of partners across the globe who support studies to reach the desired sample. GDS ensures quality data collection with programming techniques and data validation techniques while the survey is in field.

GDS acts as the one stop solution -where the sample is managed for all industries, hard to reach samples, scripting is handled and data is checked. The sample is monitored on a daily for reliable data.

Data Collection

Online Panel Services, In-depth qualitative interviews, f2f interviews, Focus Group discussions.

Support online research with quality data across simple as well as hard to reach sample.s

Conduct quality online research with the help of speciality panels.

Partnered with more than 15 panel providers across the globe.

Cover 50+ topography for all samples.

We cover f2f interviews across India.

A check on the respondents IP address to ensure geographic spread.

Qualified moderators to interview ‘C' level executives, Doctors for in depth qualitative interviews. GDS shares the details of the panellists for all in-depth interviews and on demand of online interviews.

Data Processing

GDS offers the entire spectrum of Data Processing and Analysis services for Market Research firms. These include:

Data Cleaning/ Data Validation

Advance Data Analysis

Data Analysis using advanced statistical analysis techniques is a process of evaluating data thoroughly and restructuring the data in the required format. GDS team applies several techniques to further interpret the data effectively to meet the objective of the study. Sometimes, we integrate the secondary data provided by the client with market research data, drilled by our team and a final report is made available to the client in the desired format Upon request regular updates can be provided regarding the product or any other specifications desirable by the client.

Report Writing

We write reports for our clients and furnish detailed information on research findings in form of charts and graphs or any other format requested. Our research teams analyze the data and provide the summary report in PowerPoint. The team has experience in working on the raw data, cleaned data or the tabulated data.

Telephonic Interview

Global Data Solution Inc. frequently conducts telephonic survey with Business and general public including the ‘Hard to Reach' demography. GDS omits survey errors thus producing reliable data .GDS captures quality from the start by advocating Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviewing. This technique eliminates the interviewer error - failing to ask the right questions to the subject. GDS has an experienced team who are accustomed in establishing rapport with persons in the business and public spheres.

Personal Interview

Global Data Solution Inc. limitation of telephonic interview has not derailed us from our venture. GDS has always got the apt data from the interviewee while ensuring cost effectiveness and quality. Global Data Solution Inc. follows two methods of personal interview that is the In-Depth interviews and In-Expert interviews.

In-Depth Interview explores the attitude and extremely personal opinions of the individual.

In-Expert Interviews helps in getting the specialist opinion in own area of expertise.

In-Depth Interview

Global Data Solution Inc. has a professional team, who undergo a thorough training from the expert in the field before getting into work.

In the In-Depth interview setting the respondent would be in his natural surroundings and we ensure that the respondent is not influenced by any other factors.

Global Data Solution Inc closely monitors the In-depth interviews. The data collected has to be verified and approved by the team lead.

Face to Face

In Face to Face interview respondent can be at his work place or home. The main advantage of the face to face interview is that we can capture the respondent emotions when we use any stimulus material i.e, may be an image, showing the advertisements etc.

Global Data Solution Inc. has got a team of experienced supervisors and interviewers who work closely with the project manager. The team at GDS has to undergo training session before taking up the project to ensure consistency of procedures.

Focus Group

Focus group discussion is always a task, in uniting likeminded people who are from the same background or work to discuss a specific topic of interest. This group is always coordinated by group facilitator who introduces the topic and makes the discussion lively and encourages participation.

FGD is perfect for bringing out is different perspectives of the group, for instance their outlook on the topic or the insights they provide. This technique provides non-statistical report.

Global Data Solution Inc. identifies the key objectives of the meeting and plans how to record the session. GDS identifies the participants and invites them to discussion.

The syntax of the questions avoids misinterpretation and the interviewer's demeanor ascertains neutrality.

Open Ended Coding & Charting

Quantify data without losing importance of open response.

Understand the emotions in the data and bucket them into relevant code-frames.

Creating and populating PowerPoint charts & graphs.

Client specific standards are followed as defined.

Manual method to create charts and code open ends.

We can code within all major file formats generated by data collection software, and work with multiple forms of specialist coding software, such as Ascribe.

Define various taxonomy for open ends according basis client requirement.

Create client specific chart libraries with their standards and best practices.

Our coding team delivers accurate results guaranteed to reflect the voice of the customer.

GDS helps you achieve cost, quality and time efficiencies by providing our quality open ended coding & charting solutions to MR & MR consulting companies globally.

Mystery Audit

Mystery shopping gives the vital knowledge for companies to gain unbiased information about their products and services.

For mystery shopping to be successful, the service provider needs to stick to instructions, follow ethics and guidelines and be detached from all influences that might create biased survey.

Mystery Shopping with GDS opens up a world experience for our clients in understanding their brand influence, customers and in-store scenario etc...

Panel Management

Our Panel helps to increase the overall survey completion rate, panelist retention rate, and the quality of market research data.

Designing and programming of demographic surveys as per panel requirements. Linking of Panel survey to the portal.

Our panels are regularly cleaned in order to reach engaged and responsive survey participants.

Uploading of external database to the panel database.

Let people join the panel online using the double opt-in feature.

To recruit new respondent, we create a registration page for panel membership to collect standard registration details as well as tailored registration questions asking anything you like.

Sampling and profiling.

Reminder requirements.

Monitoring the sample activeness, external data uploading, recruiting through emails etc.

Profiling of samples per quota specification.

Maintaining scorecards.

Publish health report of panel.

Secondary Research

GDS generates in abundance high quality research reports for a number of industries such as:

Project Management

One of the many ways GDS stands out from other companies is by offering Project Management that is scalable to your needs. This unique department manages and coordinates as little or as much support as you require. Our experienced team offers global coverage and exceptional knowledge in all methodologies.

As an extension of your organization you will be assigned your own dedicated team utilizing our decades of experience in all methods and aspects of data collection and supplier management. Your team is assigned by project which allows you to focus on what you do best in managing your own clients and their needs.

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