Energy and Utilities


A few years ago, information technology was not considered important to the energy industry. That has changed for the most advanced companies in the field and is rapidly changing for others. Global Data Solutions Inc. (GDS) has proven ability and domain knowledge in Energy & Utilities. GDS can provide the energy industry with reliable, compatible and user-friendly IT solutions. Combined with advanced technology, GDS is in a position to determine and deliver innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to global clients in their product development challenges.

We have several professional engineers-many of whom are acknowledged experts in their individual disciplines to help clients realize exceptional and successful projects in non-core functions across all markets.

We enable clients to:

  • Accelerate revenue growth and enhance portfolio management
  • Align business processes with strategic vision
  • Increase flexibility in global business
  • Reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiencies
  • Maximize the return and benefit from their existing IT landscape
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduce time and cost to market
  • Enhance process tracking and monitoring with a rich analytic dashboard
  • Adhere to regulatory and environmental norms