Retail and consumer goods

Retail and Consumer Goods

The retail & consumer goods industry have always been characterized by efficient operations, competitive pressures, low industry margins and the ability to react to customer desires. Today's retailers face both- an unprecedented set of challenges and opportunities. Companies are dealing with declining economies, fluctuations in the number of goods sold and an increasing demand for sustainable business practices. Retailers across the board face constant challenges to effectively manage inventory, personnel and per-store profitability. Access, analysis and integration of real-time point-of-sale (inventory, pricing, shipment, etc.) information -is a critical for the success in the retail market.

Global Data Solutions Inc. (GDS) provides customized support and enables retailers to transform existing processes and systems across the retail value chain for reaping new efficiencies. GDS has the expertise and industry knowledge to help you benchmark sales and marketing capabilities and define a strategy that makes sense. Our team provides the experience and insight needed to define a strategy that is both executable and differentiated.

We combine business expertise with state-of-the-art technology to create customized industry- leading retail solutions to complex supply chain management, merchandising, eCommerce and store- management issues. We provide expertise in strategic planning, package implementation, and application development and maintenance. Our consulting services include strategy, business/IT alignment, packages, requirements management and process consulting. Our customized solutions cover key capabilities in supply-chain management, merchandising, store marketing and e-Commerce.